Marketing March

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I’m not sure how it has happened so quickly, but here we are!  Spring is just around the corner and that means we are almost to the end of the first quarter!

Way back in January I shared that my goal for the year was to tell you exactly what I do in my own business quarter by quarter, month by month and week by week, all year long.

For me, this first quarter is all about setting my business foundations for the year.  

In January, I clean house by getting clear on my goals and updating my website and portfolio.

February is all about profitability.  This is when I figure out what is working (and what’s not) with my packages, my pricing and my marketing budget.  

Now it’s March.  This last month of the quarter is when I get serious about outlining my marketing plan for the rest of the year so that when things get busy in the spring and summer, I’ll be ready!

What is Marketing?

The term “marketing” is something that is often misunderstood.  We think that in order to market our businesses we need to be paying for ads or actively trying to sell our services.  Because of that, a lot of small business owners shy away from doing it.  They don’t want to come across as “salesy” or pushy.  And they don’t know how much or where to invest their marketing dollars.

But this truth about marketing is this, when done right, it is not “salesy” or pushy at all!  AND, it does not have to cost you a dime!

What is GOOD Marketing?

Good marketing is storytelling.  It takes your client on a journey and teaches them about what you do a why you do it.

Good marketing solves a problem.  It shows your client that you know and understand their needs.  

Good marketing creates relationships and will turn your followers into paying clients and raving fans!

Marketing March

So what can you be expecting this month on the blog? I’ll be sharing my Marketing Magic Bullet strategy with you to teach you how to create a good, solid marketing plan for yourself.

I’ll cover:

  • Why marketing starts with your brand and exactly how to create a solid one.
  • Content marketing.  What it is and how to use it for your blog, social media and newsletters.
  • List building. Why you need it and how to do it.

As I do at the beginning of every month, I’ve made a content calendar for you use to follow along and keep track of your own progress.  You can grab yours here.

See you next week!