Why Good Marketing Starts With a Strong Brand

Sandra Coan Education why good marketing starts with a strong brand

I recently asked the people in my Facebook group what their number one struggle was when it came to their business.

The overwhelming answer was marketing.

Marketing is important.  We all know it.  But it can also be confusing and many of us don't even know where to start.

Is it best to market on Social Media? On your website?  What about newsletters?  Or Ads?

Once you figure out where to focus your energies, then how do you know what to say?  Especially if you don’t want to come across as “salesy” or pushy.

Isn’t it enough to post just a pretty picture?

If you struggle with your marketing, don’t worry.  The answer to building an amazing marketing campaign is easier that you think.  It all starts with your brand.


What makes a good brand?

A good brand is all encompassing.  It’s your work. Your style. Your passion.  Your voice. Your personality.

It is instantly recognizable.  

It’s what your clients or potential clients think of when they hear your name or your company’s name.  

Strong brands make people feel something, therefore your marketing efforts become much easier because your brand does most of the heavy lifting for you.

When you have a strong brand, you are able to identify what sets you and your business apart from all the others.  

And because part of having a strong brand also means that you know and are connected to your clients, you know exactly how to talk to them and what questions or problems you can address in your content.  That is how you create Content Marketing, which is the most powerful form of marketing a small business can use!

Want to learn more?

I’m so passionate about the power of building a strong brand and the effect it can have on your marketing plan that I’ve taught a class about it for CreativeLive and, recently I taught a one hour master class webinar on the subject.  

If you would like to learn all exactly how to build your brand and how to use it in your social media marketing, list building and email marketing and as content for your blog and website, follow this link to the replay of my FREE webinar.   Be warned…. It’s an hour long!!   But it’s an hour full of branding and marketing goodness.  I hope you enjoy!


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