photo by the lovely and talented Elena S Blair

photo by the lovely and talented Elena S Blair

Hi!  I'm Sandra

I'm a film photographer in beautiful Seattle, WA who specializes in newborns, families and classic portraiture. 

I have been in business for a very long time (almost 20 years) and I love sharing what I have learned with others.  Whether it's the film photography, lighting techniques, studio workflow and posing, or the fundamentals of building a successful brand and business, I am here to help you be the best photographer you can be.

In addition to being a photographer I am a passionate educator, teaching on platforms like CreativeLive, KelbyOne, Click Photo School and at industry events and conferences around the country.

My publications included Rangefinder, Click Magazine, Belle Lumiere, Lemonade and Lenses, Seattle Bride, The Knot, Plum and Bump.

My Story

When I started my photography career I was struggling.  I was on food stamps, living in a sad, small, apartment and driving a car that was barely fit to be on the road.  

I didn’t even own my own camera.  My first photography assignment was shot on borrowed gear.  

I started my photography business as a side hustle.  Just a way to bring in a little extra money. What I got instead was a life changing career.

Now I do what I love every day and I make multiple six figures in the process. 

I know that having the career of your dreams is possible.  And I want to help you get there.

My Mission

My mission is to teach others how to change their lives by building successful, profitable businesses they love.  Whether is through improving posing and workflow, learning how to create natural looking light with strobes and flash, or through one-on-one mentoring and coaching, I teach photographers to be their best and live to their full potential.

inside the portrait studio sandra coan education.png

i’d love to have you inside the portrait studio

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