Two Tips For Creating A Great Online Portfolio

Photography Education Tips for Creating an online portfolio by Sandra Coan

Now that your intentions for the year have been set and your website has been spruced up, it’s time turn your eyes to your portfolio.

Portfolios not only showcase our best work, they communicate who we are to our clients and educate our people on what they can expect from us.  A carefully crafted portfolio is therefore extremely important.  

Here are my two tips for creating an great online photography portfolio

Keep it small

A small, well curated portfolio of amazing images is waaaay better than a huge portfolio or mediocre ones! Ten to twenty (max) images is plenty!  

If you feel like your clients need to see more, direct them to your Instagram.  But save the portfolio space on your website for the best of the best!

Only post the kind of work you want to be doing.

I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but haven’t we all shared work because we felt obligated to?  For years I had an “on location” gallery on my site because I felt like I should even though I HATE shooting on location.  As soon as I took that gallery down and went to a studio only portfolio my bookings for studio portraits shot through the roof!

So learn from me.  Take a hard look at your portfolio.  Does it show what YOU do… what you LOVE to do?  If you have any image that you have posted because you feel like you should, take it down!  The work you post is the work you will get, so only show what you want to do more of!