How To Be A Profitable Photographer

How to be a profitable photographer Business Tips by Sandra Coan

By now you should have some great goals set for the year, have a prettying good understanding of your ideal client, have an updated website and an optimized online portfolio!  Take a moment to congratulate yourself!  You have put January to good use and have gotten a ton of work done!  Well done!

Now we are in a new month and are ready to focus on new things!  

Lets Talk About Money

February is the month that I look at my money.  I sit down and figure out what is working and what is not in all areas of my business; packages, products, marketing and even what I pay myself.  I want to be ready so when things pick up in the Spring I can hit the ground running!

Today, let’s start by looking at packages and products.

What's Working. What's Not.

Go through last year’s invoices.  What were your top selling packages and products?  Do you offer anything that didn’t sell well, or at all? Make a list.  Use this information to assess what products are selling well, what products need improvement or an extra boost, and what products just need to go.

Now make a list of your top selling packages and products.  What do you clients love about them?  Is there anything you can tweak or improve?

Next, go through old emails.  Did your clients ask for anything you are not offering?  Did you get more than one request for the same thing?  

Often times it is our clients who tell us what we should be offering, so pay attention and listen.  Now is the time to do the research and try out something new!

I know this sounds simple, and in a lot of ways it is.  But it’s also extremely valuable!  

True Story

A few years ago I did this and discover that I while I wanted to sell albums and pushed albums to my clients, no one bought them.  Instead I notice that my digital packages sold like crazy!  So what did I do? I took that information and used it to repackaged my albums to include digital files. And guess what?  Now almost every client who walks through my door buys one of the album packages!  I’m happier, my clients are happier, and my profits went up!  What's not to love!?

Time to Do the Work

To help you out, I’m including two downloadables with this post!  Click here to get my What’s Working, What’s Not Worksheet.  And click here to get my February Content Calendar so you can mark your progress and stay on track!

See you next week!