Are Your Marketing Dollars Paying Off?

Are you marketing dollars paying off?  Business tips for photographers by Sandra Coan

If you are following along with my weekly posts, then you  know that we are dedicating February to looking at money!  

Last week we took a deep dive into our packages and products to see what was working and what was not.  This week we will be doing the same thing with our marketing efforts.

Ask Your Clients

I have one question on my contract that I find invaluable to my business and this is it: “How did you hear about Sandra Coan Photography?”  Simple, yes.  But so helpful!

Every year this time I look back through all my contracts and take note of how my clients answered that question.  Doing so helps me figure out what marketing efforts are working and what marketing efforts are not!

True Story

I used to spend a ton of money on ads in a local parenting magazine.  When I started my business (way back in 2000) this the THE publication to be in as a family photographer in my area. The money I spent on ad space brought me work.  And therefore it was worth it.  Every year they would ask me if I wanted to renew my ad and I always said yes.  This went on for year.

Then one year I started asking my clients how they found me and at the end of that year I sat down and read what they said.  Out of almost 300 clients who answered that question on their contract, I had one, ONE, say that they had seen my ad in the magazine.  So that meant that I had spent $3000 (yep, thats what I was paying) to get that one client.  I quickly pulled my ad and put that money into marketing efforts that were working.

If you don’t already ask your clients how they found you, thats okay... by start now.  The information you get will be invaluable and you will thank yourself next year!

Look At Your Analytics

If you haven’t been asking, but are curious to know, look at your analytics!  Google Analytics is a great, easy to use tool that can help you do this!  Once set up, its a simple click of a button to see how people are finding you.  Information that can easily be tracked to any online marketing efforts you’re making.

Most website hosting platforms also have analytics.  As do Facebook and Instagram. So look at them.  Figure out how people are finding you.  Do more of what is working and let go of efforts that are not paying off.  Your business will be better off for it!