My New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution Sandra Coan Photography Education

Over the past several years my business has followed a routine.  There are certain things I always do in the first quarter (Jan, Feb, March), there are certain things that I always do in the second quarter (April, May, June) and so on… all through the year.  I believe that keeping to the schedule has helped my business grow.  Each year I’m more profitable and feel more confident in my workflow.  

As I’ve said many times, I believe building and growing a business and a brand is a creative endeavor. It requires the same kind of thinking that it takes to make art.  When you have a system in place to create and grow your business and brand, everything runs smoother. The system removes a lot of stress which allows your creativity to thrive!

This year, as I was sitting down to write out my plan for 2018, I thought, if I do this every year and find it helpful, maybe other photographers do would too.  

My New Years Resolution

And that is how this idea was born.

This year I’ll be sharing exactly what I do in my own business; quarter by quarter, month by month and week by week.  My hope is that you will follow along and apply the same schedule to your own business and it will help you in the same way that it helps me.

As always, if there ever comes a time that you feel stuck or you have a question you can always ask.  Consider this a group effort.  We are in this together!  If you have a question, then someone else probably does as well!  So ask in the comments below each post or in our community Facebook page (which you can join here)

In the first quarter I will be focusing on setting the foundations for a good year!  Topics will include:

  • setting intensions
  • finding your ideal client
  • optimizing your website
  • creating a strong online portfolio
  • getting real about money and charging your worth
  • setting prices for profitability
  • marketing 
  • list building
  • work/life balance

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    I’m so excited to make 2018 the best year ever!  And I'm even more excited that you'll be here with me, each step of the way!