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Five Day Posing Challenge

Raise your hand if you have ever felt awkward in front of the camera. I know I have. I HATE having my picture taken. And the reason for that is, I never know what to do.  Where should I look? How should I position my body? Do I smile? Do I not smile? I just never know. I think about this EVERY time I work with a client. If I feel all those things, then chances are they do too. And it’s my job, as the photographer, to help them relax.

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How Film Photography Cured My BurnOut

This is a topic that I've never thought to write about before, but earlier this week I received an email from a follower asking if I've ever dealt with burnout and if so, how I handled it. Her email really struck a nerve.  I have struggled with burnout, and at one point even considered leaving the photography industry all together.  Want to hear my story?

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