Simple Posing For Newborn and Family Photographers

Studio photography used to be the industry standard.  If you wanted a family photo, you went into a department store photo studio and had a portrait made.  That was how it was done.

Now it is much more common to meet a photographer at a park or even in your own home.  The style of family photos has changed and idea of posed photos recalls the days of those department store portraits and nobody wants that.

Newborn and Family Photography Posing Guide by Sandra Coan

Posing Has a Bad Reputation

But the truth is knowing how to quickly and easily pose your clients is extremely helpful.  Whether you photograph your families in parks, in their home or in a modern portrait studio having a set of poses to run your families through helps your entire session run smoother, resulting in better photos. (To find out why that is, check out this blog post)

Posing Doesn’t Have to Be Stiff

If fact, I find that helping a family pose allows them to relax so that you can capture natural, spontaneous moments

Posing Can Be Full of Emotion

Posing also creates a space for connection.  I often guide my family into a moment and then step back a watch as the moment naturally evolves into something special.

Newborn and Family Photography Posing Guide by Sandra Coan

Posing Can Be Easy

And to show you just how easy it can be, I’ve created an online workshop, sharing my complete system for natural and safe newborn and family posing!