Simply Posed

A Photographer's Guide to Simple, Safe and beautiful Newborn and family Posing

Simply Posed:  A Photographer's Guide to Simple and Safe Newborn and Family Posing

I know that a lot of photographers (and clients) cringe when the hear the word "posing".   Nobody wants stiff and unnatural photos!  I know I don't! But the truth is, when done right posing can look completely natural!  And having a posing system in place helps your entire session run smoother, resulting in better photos and happier clients!

A complete studio workflow

I've been a newborn and family photographer for almost 20 years!  In that time, I've developed a system for simply posed newborn and family photography that is safe, efficient and (most importantly) beautiful! 

This is the system I use everyday in my studio and that you can use too, whether you work in a studio, in your client's homes or on location. 

Simply Posed, A guide to baby led newborn and family posing

Baby led posing for newborns

My system uses a baby led approach for newborns which means I only use positions that newborns are meant to be in.  No unnatural poses or props here!  Just babies, being babies, in a safe and comfortable way!

Naturally inspired posing for families

My system also uses naturally inspired posing for families and older children, resulting in images that look candid and relaxed.

Simply Posed: A Complete Guide to simple, safe and beautiful Newborn and family posing 

For the first time ever I'm sharing the system I use to create my award winning newborn and family portraits!  

Simply Posed is a complete guide to creating simple, safe and beautiful newborn and family posing.  In it, I walk you, step by step, through my system. 

I share

  • my approach

  • workflow

  • shot lists

  • instruction on how to created relaxed and candid looking images as well as formal images

  • lying down poses

  • sitting poses

  • standing poses

  • along with real life examples and behind the scenes video!

You also get 

  • five video modules

  • eight video lessons

  • over two hours of instruction

  • access to a private Facebook group where you can ask me questions and share your work!

This workshop has given me simple, streamlined way to guide the families into posing that doesn’t feel so contorted or unnatural. I always felt that posing just meant unnatural, but Sandra has shown me it doesn’t have to be!
— Katie G.

Who is this class for?

Simply Posed is designed for family and newborn photographers who are looking to elevate their posing game with naturally inspired, baby led poses. These poses can be used by both studio photographers and lifestyle photographers alike!

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I was always at a loss when trying to explain to clients why I don’t pose and always thought I wasn’t a good newborn photographer because I didn’t pose! I’m pretty good at standing my ground, but this class gave me the confidence to stick to my roots!
— Stefanie R.

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