Three Things You Need To Know to Make Six Figures

Sandra Coan share three things you need to know to build a six figure business  with Ben Hartley

I’m approaching twenty years as a professional photographer. Twenty. Years! Hard to believe. Especially if you know my story!

You see, in the beginning of my career I really struggled. I had no idea what I was doing. I was over worked and underpaid AND I came very close to quitting. But before giving up, I decided to hunker down and learn about business and marketing.

That made all the difference.

Now I run one of Seattle’s most successful photography studios, making multiple six figures a year. And if I can do, anyone can!!

Recently I spoke with my friend and host of The Six Figure Photography Podcast, Ben Hartley, about my story. On the podcast I share my very humble beginnings (I was on food stamps and didn’t own a camera when I launched my business) , I talk about the mistakes I made and how I turned my business around, growing it to what it is today.

I also share the three things are that every photographer needs to know to build a profitable business.

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