How I Became a Six Figure Photographer

How I became a six figure photographer by Sandra Coan

In 2011 I did something that COMPLETELY changed the trajectory of my business.

As a direct result, in 2012 I hit the six figures mark in my business for the fist time…. and it’s gone up every year since.

Do you know what else happened in 2012?

I didn’t have to reschedule or cancel a single session due to poor weather or bad light.

I knew that every client I worked with was getting the best of me.

I felt confident in my ability to produce the kind of work my clients expected of me at every single session.

And for the first time, I was 100% proud of every photo I took. And that felt amazing!

All because of this one simple thing

How’d I do it?

Honestly, it was all because of one one simple thing.

I learned how to create my own natural looking light with strobes and flash.

Thats it!

Behind the scenes photo of the simple, one light studio lighting set up that helped me build a six figure photography business

Why did learning to use artificial light have such a huge impact on my business?

Well, here’s the truth. When I was exclusively a natural light photographer, my business was dependent on the weather.

When I had good light, I could produce beautiful images.

BUT, when I didn’t have enough light… like… basically all winter long… I really struggled.

That struggle affected my work and my confidence.

I felt like a fraud because I couldn’t consistently produce the kind of work my clients expected and deserved from me.

I was STRESSED every time I walked into a dark room or less than perfect conditions.

And as soon as the days would start to get shorter (and darker) I  would try build my schedule around the weather just to avoid the bad light. I would often reschedule or cancel appointments if I knew I wasn’t going to have perfect light…  or, worse yet, I would try to make the best out of a bad situation and end up with clients who were unhappy with the images they received from me.

Sound familiar?

After about twelve years of this, I decided something had to change.

I was tired of the stress and of feeling like a fraud

I KNEW I could do better.

And I believed my clients deserved more.

So I learned how to create natural looking light with strobes and flash.

Learning to use artificial light did more than just improve my photos. It helped me build my business and, make more money

Learning this skill help me build my brand and dramatically improve my work.

But it also allowed me to book more more clients. I didn’t have to work around the weather or daylight hours anymore. And because I was able to take more clients, I was able to increased my profits

Mastering light was the missing link that took me from struggle to multiple six figures.

It can do the same for you

Now listen, I know a lot of photographers have very strong opinions about strobes and flash and why they won’t work for them.

But I personally believe that knowing how to create your own light in a way that fits with your style and your brand is something every professional photographer should know how to do!

And it’s easier than you think!

I’ve packaged everything I know about creating beautiful light into my premium program, The Missing Link: A Complete Guide to Create a Natural Light Look with Artificial Lighting.

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