Three Characteristics Of A Strong Brand

Film Photography Education, Sandra Coan Three characteristics of a strong brand

Branding is one of those things that is often misunderstood.

We all know that having a solid brand is important to our business, but many of us are confused about what having a “brand” really means.

Your brand is all encompassing.  

It’s your work.  

Your style.

Your passion.  

Your voice.  

Your personality.

Your brand isn’t just your logo or your color pallet or your website or the packaging you use.

Those things are important parts of your brand, but they are not the most important part.

What makes a strong brand? 

A strong brand is instantly recognizable.  It’s what your clients think of when they hear your name or your company’s name.

Strong brands make people feel something.  And having a strong brand is essential to having a strong profitable business.

So how does one build a strong brand?

To answer that, let’s look at the three top characteristics of a strong brand.

  • Uniqueness Strong brands are unique.  They stand out.  They have an individual point of view that they are not afraid to share.  Strong brands know exactly what they do, why they do it and how they are different from everyone else!  

  • Consistent  Strong brands are consistent.  Their work is predictable.  Their clients know what to expect and that builds trust and customer loyalty.  It is okay to be a one trick pony my friends, just make sure your trick is a good one!

  • Knows their audience Strong brands know their audience.  They know who their people are and they talk directly to them.  This is such a huge part of building a strong brand!  Knowing your audience and speaking directly to them is how you turn your clients into fans who will come back again and again and will also sing your praises from the rooftops!  

Want to build a strong brand? Ask yourself, is your work consistent? Is it 100% authentically you? Does it show your style, your passion and your personality?

I’ve used my love for film photography and artificial lighting to build my brand. I’m passionate about what I do, and I’m confident in the quality and consistency of the work I produce.

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