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Let’s be honest.

As professional photographers, we wear many hats.

Yes, we’re artists.  But we’re also editors, social media managers, marketers, writers, SEO strategists, and basically an entire human resource department!

It’s exhausting!

How do we keep up with it all?

Well, the old model went something like this.

  • Spy on our competition and colleagues to see what they’re doing. (Then feel bad about ourselves  )

  • Ask for advice on Facebook (Then feel bad about ourselves, again)

  • Go to expensive workshops, retreats or conferences that only teach one or two things (Then feel inspired but poor.)

  • Take an online course about a specific topic (Then never finish it and feel bad about ourselves, again.)

Here’s the truth:

Comparing yourself to others and getting advice on the internet doesn’t work.

Here’s also the truth:

One-off workshops, retreats, and conferences are a lot of money!

And online courses only solve one problem at a time.  

You need more than that.

You need a resource that you can refer back to again and again.

You need a community of like-minded business owners.

You need structure and accountability.

And you need guidance and coaching from someone who’s actually done what you want to do; build a successful and PROFITABLE photography business.

That's where I come in!

I created Inside the Portrait Studio for people just like you.

People who are tired and frustrated by the old way of doing things and are ready for a solution that actually gets results!

What does membership include?

Instant access to all of my online courses, covering topics from lighting, to posing, to marketing and business basics.

But that's not all!

Membership also includes:

  • Two live Q&A’s with Sandra per month for targeted support

  • Exclusive members-only templates, workbooks, and guides

  • A private Facebook full of other business-minded photographers

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Take a step inside the portrait studio

Become an insider for immediate and unlimited access to all the tools you need to create a successful portrait business

If you decide to become a member of Inside The Portrait Studio, you are agreeing to pay $49/month for 12 months of membership. In return, you will receive immediate and unlimited access to every single class, including classes that haven’t been released yet and exclusive member-only content and twice per month live Q&A’s with Sandra. Please note: You will only be able to access class content via your login. You will not be able to download any videos or class materials, unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that your membership is NOT to be shared with anyone else, and login information will be monitored.


With options including a la carte classes

and exclusive membership,

you can create the career of your dreams.

let’s take your photography business to the next level.

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Where should you get started?

Click below to dive deeper into each topic

Artificial Lighting

Creating A Natural Light Look With Artificial Lighting

the Branding guide

How to Develop and Market a Profitable Brand for Your Business

Simply posed

A Photographer's Guide To Simple, Safe And Beautiful Newborn And Family Posing

Content marketing

A Step By Step Guide For Creating And Implementing A Masterful Marketing Plan

Coming soon….
Marketing Your Mini Sessions
Getting Started With Film

These classes are specifically designed for photographers and creative business owners. Each class includes step-by-step instructions, video modules, behind the scenes footage, downloadable workbooks and more!

Check out my YouTube channel to see how I teach.