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One on one coaching for photographers with Sandra Coan

Let’s be honest, you know your art.

You have a good eye. You have your own individual style. You understand the intricacies of photography, and the power of imagery.

You know you have talent, and so do I.

Now let me ask you this…is anything missing?

  • Do you ever feel STUCK?

  • STUCK in a routine that doesn’t seem to work?

  • STUCK trying to figure out your posing, workflow or client experience?

  • Just STUCK…like there is something holding you back from your true potential and you don’t even know what it is?

Maybe you’re struggling with finding and booking clients?

You’re getting inquiries, but you just can’t seem to convert them to paying customers. Or maybe, you’re not even getting inquiries and you’re tired of waking up to an empty inbox everyday.

Would you love someone to help you figure out the non-Photography side of running a Photography Business?

one on one business coaching for photographers with Sandra Coan

Are you ready for MORE?

Together, we will design a custom actionable plan to ensure your growth.

Each session will be tailored to your individual needs as a Photographer and a Business owner.

My goal is to give you clarity, help build your confidence and give you the tools to expand your Business.

Together we will explore your…

  • Creativity. Are you doing everything you should be doing, but somehow feel STUCK? Whether your concern is technical or artistic, together we will dissect your portfolio and extract answers.

  • Booking. Is your calendar EMPTY? Determining how to attract your perfect client, AND converting them from follower to paying customer can be hard. Together, we will determine your niche audience, and cultivate creative marketing approaches to fill your calendar.

  • Profitability. Does the “money talk” make you CRINGE? Whether you’re contemplating your pricing, or restructuring your packages, together we will journey through all things money. I will take away your CRINGE!!!

  • The Basics. Do you feel LOST? There is so much that goes into running a successful business. Together, we will analyze your process to increase efficiency and automation, and decrease the havoc.

The possibilities are endless. No topics are off-limits.  

Personalized Coaching Investment

Personalized Coaching is an investment in yourself and your future and is designed to achieve results based on your specific needs.

One on one intensive: $3500.00

To be used over the course of 3 to 6 months.  Intensives include:

  • TEN 45-minute Sessions

  • ONE bonus 60-minute Final Wrap-up Call

  • Custom worksheets and action plans

  • Email Support and check-ins

I will be your Coach, your Mentor, and your Business Interpreter.

Designed for your long-term success, let’s begin your Business journey.


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