One on One Lighting Coach

How to learn strobes and flash with Sandra Coan Lighting Coach

Scene 1:

The perfect outdoor family session is planned for a spring day. Suddenly, the weather turns, April showers! You are forced to move inside, to shoot the remainder of the session inside your Client’s dark home.


Scene 2:

The bride, beautiful as ever, is putting on her final touches in her magical Bridal Suite. Enter you, horrified at the horrible lighting. What do you do?


Scene 3:

The studio is ready, you are eager to shoot studio portraits, your favorite. Why does the lighting always look TERRIBLE? Too bright on one side,  dark and muddy on the other… a total mess.




Truth: Natural lighting isn’t always available.


With 1:1 Lighting Coaching...

You can provide your Clients with beautiful and consistent work, in any location.

You can achieve your artistic vision, regardless of your surroundings.

You can be free of worry, and embrace your photography.

Together we will look at your questions, and troubleshoot your unique challenges. Your sessions will be tailored to your needs, the possibilities are endless. You will walk away knowing all things lighting.

how to use strobes and flash by lighting coach Sandra Coan

The Packages

Video Coaching

One Hour video Skype session: $350

Three Hour video Skype session: $900

In-Person Coaching Intensive: $2,990

The In-Person Coaching Intensive will take place in my Seattle Studio or a location of your choosing (please inquire about Travel Fees). It will  include:

  • 6 Hours of Personalized Instruction

  • 2 Hour Practice Session

  • Catered Lunch

  • Complimentary Copy of The Missing Link [Check it Out HERE!]

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group

  • 5 20 minute follow-up Q&A calls

Customized Lighting Workshop: $4,000

For when you want to share the fun (and the price)! with a friend or two or three! All Customized Lighting Workshops will take place in my Seattle studio or a location of your choice (please inquire about Travel Fees). It will  include:

  • 1:1 Coaching for up to Four Individuals

  • 6 Hours of Personalized Instruction

  • 2 Hour Practice Session

  • Catered Lunch

  • Complimentary Copies of The Missing Link [Check it Out HERE!]

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group

Still Not Sure If A Lighting Coach Is For You?  Book A Complimentary Discovery Call!

A Discovery Call is a complimentary 20 minute Consultation to see if 1:1 Coaching is for you!

Ready to Get Started?  Contact Sandra to set up your session!


What people are saying

One of the best investments I have made in my film journey has been working with Sandra.  Literally changed my world. It gave me the knowledge and confidence to explore new avenues in photography and  know that I would get the results I wanted. I feel like words can’t do justice to how appreciative I am to Sandra for sharing her knowledge and expertise. She is the only person I know offering this content and with this level of expertise and years of experience in the subject matter. Definitely a game changer for any film or hybrid shooter out there!
— Nicole Young
I am a newborn photographer based in Hong Kong, I shoot on location-small apartments- and low lighting was always a major challenge. What I learned about how to use strobe to fill in the main light naturally and effectively, changed my photography business completely. Sandra made using strobes with film so simple. It took me 24 hours to travel from Hong Kong, it was so worth it!
— pim yanaprasart
I love you Sandra Coan, because you are the reason I marched into this random persons house, looked around, and said “I think I’ll shoot in the pitch black bedroom”, and got pictures I love!
— Michelle Lemay