Content marketing for photographers

a Step by step guide for creating and implementing a masterful marketing plan

a Step by step guide for creating and implementing a masterful marketing plan

Content Marketing is the KEY to getting your business ranked on the first page of search engines, connecting to your ideal clients and building the business and life you deserve!  

True Story

I am 100% self taught, which means when I started my business I didn't know the first thing about marketing.  I thought that if I posted a photo on Facebook or Instagram from time to time I was doing all I could.  When that didn't work, I'd spend money on ads, and most of the time that didn't work either.  There was a point when I was ready to throw in the towel and walk away from my business.  Instead, I decided to do the work and learn what marketing is and how to do it right.  That changed everything.

Now I run a six figure business. 

I work with clients who feel more like friends and I support my family doing what I love. 

I was able to build a thriving business because I learned how to market properly.

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You will also learn:

  • how to create and achieve your marketing goals

  • how to find your ideal client

  • how to plan and schedule an entire YEAR of marketing

I just wanted to say thanks for putting out this course! I was able to map out an entire year of blog posts for the wedding and newborn side of my business!
— Melissa J.

Who is this class for?

This class is perfect for any business owner, especially those in the creative fields, who wants to create quality content for their audience. It’s for business owners who want their website to rank higher on the search engines, and for those who are looking to take the stress out of planning their social media content!

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This workshop alone has been a dream by saving me SO many hours in my business, that I’m able to focus on other things.
— Mindy s.

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