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Stop being a struggling photographer.

Become an Empowered Photographer.

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step 1: See the light


First, you have to see the light.

Enroll in my FREE class, The Natural Light Challenge!

You need to know how to see the light you want to create. This four week class will teach you the basics of light quality, how light direction creates lighting patterns, and it will boost your confidence when working with natural light. Trust me, this class is gold.


Step 2: Create the light


You’ve seen the light! next, we’re going to create the light.

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You’re invited to Learn how to Create a Natural Light Look, Without Using Natural Light!

In this free, one hour webinar, I want to share with you:

  • The top three myths about artificial lighting that many natural light photographers believe

  • How believing in those myths is holding you and your business back

  • My easy to follow system for using artificial light to create a natural light look that works every. single. time!


Step 3: own the light


You see the light. You can create the light.


Now it’s time to own the light.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve decided you’re ready for the hard work it takes to become the empowered photographer you’ve always wanted to be.

Bad light is COSTING you. A cost is something you spend money on that doesn’t help you make money.

It’s time INVEST in yourself and your business. An investment is something that you spend money on that will help you make money.

Stop trying to DIY everything. Start investing in yourself and your business with the tools that will actually serve you.


The “i’m ready to own the light” starter pack: